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How to ignition lock cylinder in Rodeo (1998)

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Ben M


Since: Aug 31, 2007
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 3:34 pm
Post subject: How to ignition lock cylinder in Rodeo (1998)
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A would be thief mangled my ignition lock.

Now I have a new lock cylinder and I am trying to get it in, with no

I have three pieces..

- The lock cylinder itself (new, with the little lever on the side which
moves when you insert the key).

- The metal coupler which goes between the back of the lock and the
ignition switch.. which has the cam on it that releases the steering
wheel lock.

- The ignition switch, which is unscrewed right now, so not really in
the picture just yet...

I already figured out you need to have the key in the ACC position to
insert the lock cylinder... In my first attempt, I got the metal
coupler into the ACC position, and inserted the lock cylinder (also in
the ACC position).. and it went in.

But once in, I couldn't turn the key at all. I could see that the
coupler (from the ignition switch side) was wiggling a little when I
tried to turn the key, so I know they matched up...

Now I have a worse problem.. I pulled out the coupler piece and although
I see basically how it is supposed to fit in, I can't get it back in
place correctly. I position it so that the flat side is aligned with
the steerling wheel release.. it seems like it should just go in but it
doesn't. One time I got it in, but it won't turn.

When I started out, this coupler piece was in place and I was able to
turn it and unlock the wheel.. so obviously I messed things up.

What I am wondering is whether there is some need to get the end of that
lever that comes off the lock cylinder somehow engaged with something to
make this all work.

Anyway, sorry for the vagueness. If anyone knows how to do this and
could help me out it would be greatly appreciated!


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